Keep Your Car Prepared

Catch A Taxi But Not The Germs

You are exposed to sickness and bacteria when you travel, and it starts as early as your taxi ride to the airport or destination. If you are going to be taking a taxi to get to a destination on an upcoming trip, it's important that you are careful to avoid germ exposure when you are out and about. Here are a few things that you can do to avoid germs, insects and more while traveling in a taxi cab.

Protect Bags in the Trunk

Bed bugs and lice are becoming huge problems across North America. Tossing your luggage into a trunk that has held the travel bags of tons of other travelers could put you at the risk of bringing home these tiny infesting insects. Use a garbage bag or another sealable back that isn't composed of cloth during transport to keep these bugs out. The insects can go months without feeding, so they could be living in the trunk for long periods of time.

Don't Put your Bags on the Floor  

Don't put a carry on, travel bag or purse on the floor of the taxi where others shoes rest. The amount of bacteria that could be living in the carpeting is outstanding, and you could end up transporting it into your home. The germs could cause illness, bacterial infections and more, and it's best to keep the items in your lap or on the seats.

Wash Your Hands

You have no idea how many hands have touched the taxi cab door handles, window controls and other areas in the vehicle. You could be getting flu and cold germs from the handles, along with E. coli and salmonella. Avoid touching items inside of the vehicle, and avoid making constant with your eyes, nose and mouth. You also want to wash your hands after you leave the taxi, and other items that you could have touched like luggage handles.

It's impossible to know how often the taxi company takes the time to clean and sanitize the vehicle, so go out of your way to prevent problems. Make sure that you wash all items that you had with you on the trip when you return home, even the bags you used. Washing and drying all of the items at the highest heat setting possible, or sending the items to the dry cleaners is your best option for killing bacteria and bugs. Talk to your local transit experts, such as San Gabriel Transit, for more information.