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Low Transmission Fluid: A Common Problem With Vehicles

On average, basic transmission repairs can cost $1,000 to $2,000, depending on the problem, but there might be a way to get the problem fixed for a much cheaper price if your car is simply low on transmission fluid. Here are three things you should know about transmission repairs before taking your car to a mechanic.

Low Transmission Fluid Results in Numerous Symptoms

The transmission of your car is vital for its operations, and you will know when this component begins having problems because of the symptoms you will experience, which can include:

  • Hard shifting between gears
  • Trouble moving when you first start the car
  • Slipping of gears while driving
  • Feeling that your car is in neutral when it is in drive

Each of these symptoms is common when a car's transmission is experiencing problems, but these symptoms do not necessarily mean that the transmission is shot. Your car may be having these symptoms simply because the transmission fluid level is too low.

Reasons the Fluid Is Low

If the transmission fluid is low, your car will have symptoms of a faulty transmission. This may be because it is leaking out; here are some of the common reasons transmission fluid leaks from a car:

  • Crack in transmission pan gasket
  • Loose drain plugs
  • Faulty bearings on torque converter
  • Cracked or worn-out seals

You can check the fluid in your car by checking the dipstick in the transmission fluid reservoir. If the level is low, it is likely that your car has one of these problems, which is causing the car to leak fluid.

Ways To Fix the Problem

As soon as you notice problems with your transmission, you should have the car checked. An auto repair shop will check all the parts of the transmission to look for cracks, corrosion, and other problems. They will then fix the cause of the leak, and they will most likely also recommend completing a transmission flush.

The cost of a transmission flush is normally between $75 to $150, but you will also have to pay the costs of repairing or replacing any parts that are bad. Low transmission fluid is common with vehicles, and repairing this problem is a lot cheaper than having to replace an entire transmission.

If your car is having any of the symptoms described here, make sure you take your car to an auto repair shop like A Plus Truck And Auto Repair that offers transmission repairs. They can examine the car to find out exactly what is wrong with it, and they will give you a quote for repairs.