Keep Your Car Prepared

3 Surprising Vehicle Components That Should Be Recycled

If your vehicle was recently in a bad car accident or it suffered from a significant mechanical problem that is not worth repairing, you are probably looking for the best way to unload it. One of the best ways to do so without any unnecessary delays is often recycling the vehicle. You may not be aware that even the most badly damaged car has some parts that can be re-used.

Think About The Motor Oil And Filter 

If you typically take your vehicle to a professional for its oil changes, it is easy to forget that there are environmental concerns that must be addressed when disposing of used motor oil and filters. However, it is a little-known fact that in general, motor oil and filters can easily be recycled.

By doing so, less waste is produced. Also, illegal dumping leaves a lasting impact on the ground or water where it was left, and disposing of oil and filters in a safe manner is required by law. 

Consider the Airbags

When your vehicle will not be driven again, it is often interesting to note that even in a severe accident, the airbags might not have deployed. If they are mechanically sound, in that the reason for their lack of use was not due to defect, it is not unusual to find buyers who would prefer to buy them used.

When buying airbags new and paying for their professional installation, the cost is often exorbitant. That means that your intact, unneeded airbags are very appealing and you may be able to recycle them for cash directly to a consumer or by parting them out to a third party.

Don't Junk Those Tires Right Away

Bald tires are unsafe on your vehicle and an eyesore when stored at home. Unfortunately, their bulk and weight can make disposing of them challenging and it is fairly common to delay doing so.

The good news is that recycled tires can be used in many ways. Interesting craft projects have been created using old tires and they have also played an important role in some gardening plans. One of the most unique options is often their ability to be recycled for use in rubber roofs, which are an affordable and eco-friendly roofing option that is quickly becoming more popular.

In conclusion, when determining the best way to dispose of the vehicle, it is important to remember that individual parts of the car, including components under the hood, seats, doors and even plastic parts are frequently needed when rebuilding or repairing a vehicle. As a result, parts of your old car that you do not need anymore can be exactly what someone else needs to get their car back on the road. For more information, contact a local car recycling company.