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Transmission Fluid: Why A Change Or Flush Should Not Be Avoided

A transmission is the one part of your vehicle that you don't want to fall into a bad condition, as repairing or replacing it can be expensive. You can avoid major problems with the transmission if you make sure it has an enough clean transmission fluid, which can be done with an occasional change or flush. Discover why getting your transmission fluid changed or flushed is something that you cannot avoid and how costly a transmission replacement can be if needed.

Why Should Changing or Flushing Transmission Fluid Not Be Avoided?

You need good transmission fluid in your vehicle because some of the main parts won't function right without it. The most important use of transmission fluid is for the operation of the torque converter. You must keep in mind the torque converter is the part of your vehicle that helps the engine and transmission work together. The purpose of transmission fluid is to move the hydraulics of the torque converter so that power can be taken from your engine and given to the transmission so gears can produce torque.

Transmission fluid must be in a good condition for it to work right with the torque converter. Dirt and metal from engine parts can contaminate the fluid and cause your vehicle to jerk when it is driven. Getting transmission fluid flushed is more ideal than a change because you will get fresh fluid and the complete removal of old fluid. A change will only involve the removal of a portion of the old fluid before new fluid is mixed with it. However, a flush or change is better than nothing because it can help you avoid a costly transmission replacement.

How Costly is it to Replace a Transmission?

Replacing the transmission in your vehicle can cost a lot of money, but the expenses will depend on a few factors. The type of replacement is one of the price factors, such as if you want a used, new or rebuilt transmission. Your vehicle type will also play a role in the money spent on a replacement. Replacing a transmission can cost an average of $200-$6,000.

Get into the habit of taking good care of your transmission by getting the transmission fluid changed or flushed. If you opt for getting the transmission fluid flushed, make sure it is done at least once every two years for the best results. Don't end up needing to dig into your wallet to invest in a new transmission from neglecting the one that you have. For more information, contact A Transmissions or a similar company.