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Living In An RV During Home Construction

While many people buy an RV so that they can travel in comfort and style, RVs also offer a spectacular advantage for those who are building a home on an undeveloped piece of land. When you are building a home, you often have to drive back and forth from your current home to the construction site. It can be inconvenient and costly to have to be in two places at once, and can slow down your construction progress. However, if you buy an RV and live in it on your construction site, you can stay right where the building is taking place and may be able to avoid paying rent on the house you have been staying in. Here are some tips for living in an RV while building your home on undeveloped land.

Water Supply

Until you get water lines run to your construction site, your RV may need an outside source of water. You can stock up water in large coolers, milk jugs and can even catch rain water in clean containers as well. When it comes to bathing, you can take sponge baths, or you can use a "camp shower", which is a bag filled with water and raised up so gravity will let the water trickle down on you just like a shower.

You can do your dishes by filling one tub with soapy water and one with clear water for rinsing, then simply dump out the tubs outdoors when your dishes are done.

Electrical Supply

If you don't have an electric line just yet, you can hook up solar panels to allow you to run some small appliances without actual electricity. However, with smaller solar panels, you may not be able to run refrigerators or anything that has a heating coil, such as hair dryers. Take the time to calculate what wattage you need to run your appliances and either invest in more panels or rough it and do without some of your appliances.

For lighting, you can find a wide array of solar lights and flashlights that work just as well as conventional electrical lighting. Even solar stake lights you find in the gardening section can offer spectacular lighting and require no electricity at all.

Living in an RV during construction is essentially like camping but with more luxurious quarters. You may have to do without some of your extras, such as curling irons, but it is a great way to save money while you build your home. Talk to places like Crowder RV Center, Inc. for more information.