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Four Habits That Can Destroy Your Automatic Transmission

Your transmission is responsible for bringing power from the engine to the wheels of your car, and bad driving habits can take their toll on the transmission. Use this guide to learn which driving habits you should break to keep your car running smoothly and avoid destroying or seriously damaging your car's automatic transmission system.

1. Shifting Without Breaking

While vehicles with manual transmissions are designed to shift while the car is still in motion, this is not the case for cars with automatic transmissions. Shifting from reverse to drive or from drive to reverse while the car is still in motion can crack, chip or otherwise break a gear, which will prevent the car from shifting properly. Only shift gears when the break is being applied and the car has come to a complete stop.

2. Drag Racing

Drag racing in a vehicle not built for racing can be dangerous on several levels. It can also cause serious damage to your transmission. When you accelerate quickly and then stop the vehicle suddenly, you can cause the vehicle to overheat. Your engine and your transmission share a cooling system, so overheating the engine will in turn cause the transmission to overheat. Do this frequently enough, and you might end up damaging your entire transmission system.

3. Not Maintaining Fluids

Transmission fluid provides the lubrication needed for the gears and other components to move efficiently. Not having your fluid levels topped off and not changing the transmission fluid are both ways you can damage your transmission. When your system tries to work without this essential lubrication, you can end up grinding your gears or overheating the vehicle. Consider having your transmission fluid topped off or changed when you have your oil changed at your mechanic's shop.

4. Not Letting Your Car Warm Up

Even newer cars need to warm up to function properly, particularly in the winter. Driving your car without giving the engine the chance to warm up can cause the vehicle to stall. Your car will idle at a higher speed when you first turn your car on, and driving before the car has had a chance to lower its idling speed can prevent your transmission fluid from reaching the proper temperature to operate the transmission smoothly. Always give your car a chance to warm up before you take it out on the road.

Your transmission repair expert can help you to repair any damage you may have done to your vehicle's system. Avoiding these mistakes and having routine vehicle maintenance performed can ensure a longer life for your transmission and your car.

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