Two Methods Of Collision Auto Body Repair That Might Work At Home

If you are currently looking at any sort of dent in your vehicle, you may be considering trying some "home remedies" to take the dent out yourself. The traditional method involves a drill, a hole in the dent, and popping the dent back out. While effective, this method does leave an unsightly hole where the dent used to be. If you would still prefer to DIY your auto collision dents at home, but avoid creating additional body damage, there are a couple methods you can try which may or may not work, depending on the size of the dent and your skills in this area. [Read More]

Four Habits That Can Destroy Your Automatic Transmission

Your transmission is responsible for bringing power from the engine to the wheels of your car, and bad driving habits can take their toll on the transmission. Use this guide to learn which driving habits you should break to keep your car running smoothly and avoid destroying or seriously damaging your car's automatic transmission system. 1. Shifting Without Breaking While vehicles with manual transmissions are designed to shift while the car is still in motion, this is not the case for cars with automatic transmissions. [Read More]

Car Smells Like Burnt Rubber? Check Under Your Car For Plastic

If you've had your car for awhile, you can probably tell when it has problems just by the way it smells. For example, if your car smells like gas, it most likely has a fuel tank leak. But if your car smells like burnt rubber inside, you might not have a clue as to why. Burnt rubber is one of the strangest smells to show up in cars. One of the causes of your car's rubber smell is plastic. [Read More]

Buying A Car On A Low Budget: The Best Tips

If you're looking for a new car and you don't have a lot of money to spend, you should consider picking up a car someone wants to scrap because it needs new parts. If someone has a bad motor or transmission, they may want to pitch the car instead of repair it. Cars like this are a cheap option. You may not be able to drive the car right away, but at least you'll own the car when it's fixed and ready to drive. [Read More]