Tips For Putting Your Vehicle Into Storage For The Winter

Do you own a luxury or sports car that you love but live in an area of the country that experiences harsh winters? One way to ensure that your car does not sustain wear and tear during the cold months ahead is to put it into storage before the first snowfall arrives. Here are a few tips to keep in mind if you have never attempted this process before. Get a Professional Detail [Read More]

Transmission Fluid: Why A Change Or Flush Should Not Be Avoided

A transmission is the one part of your vehicle that you don't want to fall into a bad condition, as repairing or replacing it can be expensive. You can avoid major problems with the transmission if you make sure it has an enough clean transmission fluid, which can be done with an occasional change or flush. Discover why getting your transmission fluid changed or flushed is something that you cannot avoid and how costly a transmission replacement can be if needed. [Read More]

Winter Auto Maintenance Tips

In the wintertime, your vehicle needs some extra care in keeping things running smoothly and efficiently. Cold temperatures and icy or snowy conditions can affect some of the mechanisms of your vehicle, as well as have an impact on the way you will need to drive to keep yourself safe. Here are some winter vehicle maintenance tips you can use to keep your vehicle running properly this season. Saving Your Transmission [Read More]

How To Replace The PCV Valve On Your Vehicle

Every vehicle built over the last several years has a positive crankcase ventilation (PCV) valve. This plastic valve prevents toxic vapors from corroding the components under the hood, and from polluting the atmosphere. As great as this little part is, it does wear out. If your vehicle is leaking oil, making a whistling or whining noise, it may be time to replace the valve. If you want to start working on your car yourself, this guide explains how to replace the PCV valve in your vehicle. [Read More]