Hypermiling Techniques That Can Extend The Life Of Your Brakes

Some driver use a hypermiling process to increase their gas mileage, sometimes by a surprising amount. The same techniques used by hypermilers can also increase the life of your car's brakes. This helps you save money on both gas and brake repairs: Watch Your Speed Hypermilers know that speeding consumes gas, but it also can shorten the life of your brake pads. The higher your speed, the longer you must depress the brakes to slow down or come to a full stop. [Read More]

3 Surprising Vehicle Components That Should Be Recycled

If your vehicle was recently in a bad car accident or it suffered from a significant mechanical problem that is not worth repairing, you are probably looking for the best way to unload it. One of the best ways to do so without any unnecessary delays is often recycling the vehicle. You may not be aware that even the most badly damaged car has some parts that can be re-used. [Read More]

Low Transmission Fluid: A Common Problem With Vehicles

On average, basic transmission repairs can cost $1,000 to $2,000, depending on the problem, but there might be a way to get the problem fixed for a much cheaper price if your car is simply low on transmission fluid. Here are three things you should know about transmission repairs before taking your car to a mechanic. Low Transmission Fluid Results in Numerous Symptoms The transmission of your car is vital for its operations, and you will know when this component begins having problems because of the symptoms you will experience, which can include: [Read More]

Catch A Taxi But Not The Germs

You are exposed to sickness and bacteria when you travel, and it starts as early as your taxi ride to the airport or destination. If you are going to be taking a taxi to get to a destination on an upcoming trip, it's important that you are careful to avoid germ exposure when you are out and about. Here are a few things that you can do to avoid germs, insects and more while traveling in a taxi cab. [Read More]